The Airport Mishap

As I hopped off the noisy plane, I made my way to the airport door. I rolled my wheely suitcase all the way to the concrete exit and I excitedly danced around. I was finally in Paris! Or was I? I scratched my head in confusion as my red fluffy dress blew in the cold wind. I asked the stranger that walked past me, “What city is this?” He looked at me and whispered “New York..?” I stood in shock as he walked away. I made my way to the nearest store, stole a scooter and explored New York City!

The Best Teacher?

As the birds chirped in the cool Spring morning Lilly woke up excitedly and danced across the concrete floor and rushed down the stairs.She packed her lunch and hoped into her fluffy jumper and the rest of her school uniform.This was her big day ,she had it all planned out .she would sneak into school extra early on her red scooter and set up all her mischievous pranks .When she got there she climbed into the half open window she had like that yesterday.Lilly went into he teachers room Mr Mcloughlin’s room and set up her disgusting pranks.When school was opened Mr Mcloughlin got a big surprise and ran all the way home!! The end
By Isabelle and clíodhna

Three witch sisters

In a faraway land miles from us lived three witch sisters, the eldest Esmeralda had emerald green eyes and hair, she hads a beautiful face and loves casting horrid spells on others. Then there’s Funila who had blood red eyes and her hair is red she has a wicked grin and when she does it you know you better hide. Finally the youngest sister Trina who has purple hair and grey eyes she’s a bit of a wimp. So let me tell you their story. The three witches lived in a small cottage with a concrete wall around it. They also have to cats, ones black which belongs to Esmeralda and the other is a fluffy grey one which belongs to Trina. Anyway one day Esmeralda danced for fun around the kitchen when Trina came home with a scooter and Esmeralda was mortified at the site of it. Umm the end.
By Maeve🙂

The Stale Sushi

“Give back that fluffy red dress now you little ball of fluff” declared Anastasia. Anastasia had a little Pomeranian puppy called Sushi. Sushi was a demon. He stole absolutely everything. Anastasia had recently suggested to get her concrete done, so Pasty the handy man was out in his highvis and was pouring concrete. Anastasia hated Sushi and told Sushi to go outside like a good boy so off he went. “Oh no he got stuck, the poor dog” exclaimed a boy zooming past on his scooter. Anastasia was so excited she danced off down the path and completely forget about the dog!


It was Halloween night and the gang were on the move on their fluffy new scooters. Lena’s scooter was the nicest by far, and she had collected the most sweets already and Sid was very gealous. By half ten through the cold night the sweets were getting scarce and most of the sweets were all gone! Someone was stealing them , but who? All of a sudden a dark shadow danced around the concrete and tiptoed into the night, with a big red smile on his face… STOP THAT BOOGIE MAN! By Cara and Shóna.

The Minions with a Twist


One day Bob, Stewart and Kevin went to Hong Kong. On a trip to find a leader. On there way they met a guy called Grew. He joined them on their trip. Grew’s car broke. So they went on a scooter. This scooter was no ordinary scooter this scooter was a red electric scooter with fluffy green wheels. In the distance they could see something tall and big. It was a huge castle, Bob danced with joy. He ran into the castle not knowing what was inside. Someone picked him up and threw him into a concrete dungeon and that was the end of Bob.

By Sophie and Kate





The Haunted Hotel


As the green car drove up to the car park of herb town hotel Mr Creek was very happy to have new customers to haunt .All the people who have stayed at this horrible hotel had either ran away or had never been seen again,but little did he know, these guests were highly professional dectives to see what he was up to.Mr brave and Mr scared hopped out of the car and opend the bronze door handles of the brutal hotel.As soon as they went in they were grabbed by Mr Creek and shoved into a room where all the poor people were kept .Mr scared started crying but My brave had a plan. We have to see what’s inside this trap door, it could be our only way out!




Late late toy show

Late late Toy show

One night on the 26 of November (The day before the late late toy show) Two girls named Molly and Polly were watching the news and saw that the late late toy show was on tomorrow night.The girls really wanted to be in it showing there toys but they weren’t allowed to audition.Molly thought of an idea!Molly told Polly that she was going to sneak into the late late toy show if Polly wanted to go with her.Polly agreed with the idea so they packed there bags And went.When they were finally there, the door was open and they snuck in.They saw a man that was a big unit with a red jacket and a hat with a white fluffy ball on the top.Polly went up closer and fell over a big sack.The man turned around and saw Polly,Polly screamed and said SANTA.The girls ran home and there mam was standing at the door and said what were you doing outside at this time its 12:30.23 Days later they went downstairs to see what santa left for them.Polly and Molly saw 2 boxes and a letter first they opened there p pesents and saw coal.The mom said why did ye get coal?The girls said they snuck into the late late toy show on the 26 of November Mom said ye shouldn’t have did that.Polly replied with but I had to see what was inside.








EPS 4 Lolly Town Hawaii adventures by Shóna/Cara

Finally summer has arrived! This summer is going to be the best yet! Sid’s mam is buying us tickets to Hawaii. “Lena stop daydreaming”, snapped Amelia. We have a plane to catch! A few hours later after a bumpy plane trip… Our hotel room is fine I guess but our view is more than spectacular. Dave and Lena were already in their wetsuits getting ready to go scuba diving. A while later the four of them were at the bottom of the big blue sea! Lena was staring at an old wardrobe from a shipwreck that was busting with light!…but she had to see what was inside…