One sunny bright morning, Conner leaped out of bed. He checked his Spiderman calendar to see that it was his friend Jimmy’s birthday and he was hosting a superhero themed party. Conner couldn’t wait but the only thing was that the party was starting a two and right now it’s eight. When skidded down the stairs he saw his mother hanging out the drenched washing. He was so excited for the party so to pass the time he decided to create a potion. He started by adding a sticky honey that was expired by two months, left over gravy from last nights dinner and white paint from the garden shed. Then Conner disused to taste what he had created. Then*poof* he turned into a minuscule. How will he get to the party now?

Clíodhna Maeve

One thought on “Poof!💨”

  1. Gee, I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to take such a lotion. I like how you started with all the excitement about the party, then showed that boredom can lead to problems. It was a surprise in the end and I enjoyed wondering whether he would get to the party or not. I think he will. Well done.

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