Party Disaster




I looked up at the calendar , it was the  first of March. That meant it was my sister’s birthday party  today . Then my Mam came downstairs Carrying a basket of washing ,she told me to get started on making the cake. I reluctantly agreed. I got started on making the cake once it was in the oven I started on the icing. The icing was going to be a shiny  white. I heard a car coming up the drive  I hit of the red dye and it spilt into the icing batter I didn’t have time to fix anything the first of the guests arrived .just then my three more of my sister’s miniscule friends arrived .My Mam was out the back hanging out the clothes I welcomed them into the kitchen then one of the kids ran into the sticky batter,it went all over the place over the place. I was in so much trouble when Mam came back.



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