The Birthday Card🎁

It was a sunny spring Saturday morning, I ran down the stairs (nearly tripping over my little sister who was scribbling on the wall) “ It’s my gift for mam as it is her birthday”, she explained. Uh oh I had totally forgot! After a lot of thinking I decided I would make a homemade card for her. I couldn’t find any paper so I had to use a page out of my school copy book. I got the sticky white glue and just my luck I spilled all over the page and all over my hands! I went to the bathroom and started washing my hands, I didn’t stop untill there was not a minuscule of glue left. By now my sister’s gift was better than mine. I decided I would give it to her anyway, I was confused when she told me to check the calendar and Turns out it wasn’t even her birthday!

By Cara and Isabelle🍀


One thought on “The Birthday Card🎁”

  1. Sunny, spring morning was a great way to start your story. I don’t know about scribbling on the wall for a birthday is a good idea though. Your story reminds me of an experience with my sister where I organised a surprise birthday celebration for a special birthday and I was a year late. She laughed, thank goodness. Well done.

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