Stupid iron.

I walked into the kitchen intending to steal a snack before dinner. I saw Ma clutching her left hand ,the flat iron on the table beside her. It took me a moment to realise what had happened to her. Then I realised that she had burnt her hand. I ran over to the sink and wet the pile of rags in case something like this happened. I gave her the rags and she put the on her hand. I saw the burn and it looked quite bad that meant I was in chargeĀ  of all 11 of my siblings until her hand healed and it didn’t look it would be better any time soon. Ma sat down and made herself comfortable I knew she would enjoy bossing me around.

One thought on “Stupid iron.”

  1. Annie! what a great story. I really liked how you put effort into you’re story. wow 11 siblings, I mean I have 5 but 11! that’s heaps!!!
    I am really willing to know if you really do have 11 siblings?

    thanks for that amazing story Annie i hope you keep on writing
    if you would like to check out my blog at some time go to

    kind regards Annalie

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