The Unexpected

It was a scorching hot day, Fred was walking along the grass which was still wet from the dew, he was on his way to work. When he got there he was straight away was on alert. There was a Bush fire just down the road, he wasn’t surprised as the climate had been changing rapidly. He was anxious since it was his first day out of training. They took care of the fire quickly but an hour later Fred smelt smoke. To his despair the fire station was in flames they must have  not put out the Bush fire probably…


By Cim h!



The worst bonfire party ever by Meabh

It was the day of Halloween. I was going to my cousin’s house for Halloween. We are going to have a bonfire. I am so excited. My mam & my brother said let’s go to the shop and buy some sweets. So we went to the shop and got some sweets. We were lucky we good weather. A few hours later. It was getting dark so we got into the car and drove to our cousin’s house. It was 7:00pm. We had smelt smoke from coming outside. We went outside and then we saw… A BONFIRE. It looked so cool. We went back inside then I looked out the window and I saw that the bonfire had spread all around the grass. I told my mam and she called the fire brigade. They came and put out the fire. This was the best Halloween EVER.

The burning campsite

Help , help we’re over here ” called the children . Luckily the fireman heard their desperate calls for help and quickly came to their aid . The fire was getting worse now that a tent had burst into flames. “ Okay calm down it’s alright now you hop on my back and I’ll carry the small one , stay close to me the rest of ye ” said the fireman . The campsite entrance suddenly collapsed in front of them ! “ What are we going to do now ” they all thought ,wondering if they would make it out alive !


By Cathy


The fires had gotten out of control, weeks of thick smoke and burning forests. Several fire departments had been called in to deal with these tragic fires. Many lives’ had been lost and now it was my turn. Melbourne fire department had been asked to fight the fires in the South region. We pulled on our smoke masks, hoses at the ready. Suddenly a large tree caught a blaze. Run shouted chief. I was frozen to the spot. The smoke around me made it impossible to breath even with my mask on. My shaky hands pulled the lever on my hose and water swirled all around me quenching the flames before … The big tree fell

By Sarah L







“Doctor Parker, I have some bad news!” Exclaimed Doctor Ollie. “What is it?” “The last of the orangutan species is now extinct!!”. We at Gibb Labs have been trying to preserve and save the natural habitat of the orangutans for months, but due to deforestation and poaching we have not succeeded. “That’s not all the bad news… our main scientist Macca O’ Neil was studying Betsy in her natural environment when he noticed she was getting a bit overwhelmed and hot, he tried to calm her down but Betsy got cross and attacked the poor fella and sadly Macca didn’t survive” he said, miserably then Ryan the janitor burst in looking green“ we made a mistake, Betsy is still out there and she is a major threat to society!!!”



The Discovery By Clara M

“COME QUICK I FOUND A RARE TYPE OF SPECIES” said Dr. John “I’m on my way”replied Dr. Shepherd. We need to examine said Dr John. Dr shepherd lifted the strange creature into the examine room. Dr. John felt the creature it’s skin was green and felt hot. “Let’s take a few tests” said Dr.shepard. about 10 minutes later the test results came back “WE HAVE DISCOVERD A DINOSAUR” screamed Dr.John “WE ARE GONING TO BE THE BEST SCIENTIST IN THE WORLD” screamed Dr shepherd . The both were jumping around the room with joy . They were both so exited yet so overwhelmed




2050 By Saoirse L

I was so overwhelmed that the protest didn’t help. I have being trying for months but nothing has worked. I was so nervous about my speech ,I took a deep breath and let my opinion out to the crowd. “Our world is endangered loads of species have been extinct because of our behaviour it is too hot for our artic species this is because of pollution and it’s our fault because of this, our evergreen trees won’t be green forever I said as my last words “thank you Cora” said Dr windldoor. I walked off the platform hoping I had made a difference.






The Unusual Species

Alice was overwhelmed when she heard that she got a new promotion! She was a scientist and she was getting to work on this new species that could only live in extremely hot weather. This wasn’t very good as the scientists in the global warming department were trying to get rid of the scorching hot heat and the bush fires that had appeared over the last few days. Alice did some research and figured out that this tiger was GREEN! She put her thinking cap on and decided that the best place for this unusual species was VENIS! But how would he get there…

By Cim H!!

The Fake Scientist By Emma L

Dear Mr Green,

This is Emma and Lili not well known scientists, we have found some species that live in hot countries and not able to survive. We ran some tests on them and found some weird results. We have been overwhelmed by what we have found. We would like to send them over to you so you can have a look at them.

A couple of days later

Mr Green sent us back the results and we were shocked that he didn’t get the same results as us. So we decided to look on Google and found out he was a fake scientist trying to our personal information.

To be continued……..




Popstar In Paris!

Hi, I’m Poppy and this is my adventure as a popstar in Paris. After a long sleepy journey in my privet jet, I carried all my luggage into the grand hotel where all the paparazzi were waiting for me. A few weeks later I started to notice something strange, every morning when I wake up my messy penthouse suddenly became clean I found it rather peculiar. Also at time I was starting to feel homesick so I decided to look back on cards that my family and friends sent. I then came across a post card a friend sent with live laugh love on the front. One day I came home to find a man in my penthouse he told me “you’re the love of my life!” I then realised that I, lived, Laughed and now I Love!

by Mae C